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Advanced spectroscopy software for quantitative and qualitative analysis.

Horizon MB Software

The HORIZON MB™ Software facilitates the acquisition, processing and analysis of samples as well as managing results. Its logical and customizable interface allows you to configure your work environment and select data formats according to your needs.



Add-on modules


The HORIZON MB™ Software is easy and the transition is smooth. 

With a large number of Import and Export options, data conversion becomes an asset and is no longer a problem. No Application Specialist is required for software use.

The Horizon MB™ software customizable work environment and intuitive interface enables you to get your work done and to manage your results. With numerous data importing and exporting options, Horizon MB™ makes short work of your data conversions. Adapting to the new Horizon MB™ FTIR software is both easy and painless.

Intuitive. Easy to use. Efficient data conversion. CFR21 part 11 compliance features. 

Add-on modules

FT-IR Software that makes easy to acquire, process and analyze data.

Six add-on modules are offered.

Professional module
Advanced features for demanding users. 
The HORIZON MB™ Professional module includes enhanced mathematical functions, 3-D capabilities and extended import/export functions. It also includes a regulatory module for automated execution and reporting of the instrument verification tests described in pharmacopoeia guidelines.

Library module
Powerful search engine with multiple search options.
The HORIZON MB™ Library module is designed for efficient multiple library searches. It is designed for efficient multiple library searches and offers spectrum and full-text search capabilities.

IR Interpretation

Easy identification of functional groups.
The Horizon MB™ IR Interpretation module is used to analyze IR spectra and easily identify functional groups using the IR interpretation rule database.

Quantity module
The modern chemometrics toolbox.
The Horizon MB™ Quantify module incorporates univariate and multivariate algorithms (like PLS and MLR) for data analysis and quantification. It also includes the Horizon MB™ Professional module. 

Reaction Monitoring module
Realtime monitoring of your reactions.
The Horizon MB™ Reaction Monitoring Module provides a realtime insight for dynamic chemical reactions. It allows to track multiple spectral peaks to understand the evolution of multiple components during a reation. With this information available in realtime, Horizon MB™ Reaction Monitoring allow you to optimze your work. It also Includes the HorizonMB™ Professional and Quantify modules.

Security module
Enabling 21 CFR Part 11 compliance. 
The HORIZON MB™ Security module offers two selectable security levels. It provides distinctive access control to software functions based on permission schemes, hierarchical access control based on data access roles, electronic signatures, activity logging and traceability of all data manipulations. 



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