MB3600 Trade-in Program

ABB Analytical offers a Trade-in Program for the old FTLA2000-154, FTLA2000-160, MB154, MB160, and even competitor’s laboratory near-infrared analyzers.



Did you know that not only can you refurbish your MB100 or FTLA2000 series laboratory analyzer...but you also can trade it in to our latest high-performance MB3600 FT-NIR Analyzer !

What does the program offer?

  • Significant discount off the listed price for trading in your analyzer – contact us to get the details
  • ABB legacy software migration*:
    • Migration work made by an ABB application scientist
    • No change to existing measurement prediction models

Please contact us for trade-in offer inquiry or to get a quote at: ftirsupport@ca.abb.com

*Non-ABB chemometric models to be evaluated



High-performance FT-NIR Analyser specifically designed for QA/QC.

The MB3600 is the most reliable FT-NIR analyzer in the market specifically designed for QA/QC.

No consumables.

The MB3600 contains fixed components that do not wear out with use, meaning no components to replace or adjust. With the MB3600, the HeNe LASER is replaced by a solid state laser. All optics are non-hygroscopic. Purging is not required for protection of optics.
Long-life source.
To maximize reliability, the source is operated so as to provide a 10-year expected lifetime.
Unprecedented spectral performance.

Permanently aligned optics with a Jacquinot stop in the interferometer output beam ensures an accurate and stable line shape as well as wavelength and resolution stability. The 100% line spectral repeatability permits reliable determination of small spectral features down to below 10 micro absorbance and below 2 micro absorbance for the optional high sensitivity InAs or InGaAs detectors. The MB3600 is provided with a highly accurate internal wavelength calibration standard.


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