Repair and refurbishment

Extend the life of your FT-IR or FT-NIR analyzer


Repair plans

Wouldn’t it be great to focus on process improvement instead of on repairs?
Benefit of ABB's repair and refurbishment plans to extend the life of your FT-IR or FT-NIR analyzer.

The following plans for an analyzer support agreement (service contract) are available.

Return to Depot “Repair” Plan 
This plan is a low cost but comprehensive repair plan. At your convenience, you can return the malfunctioning unit to the ABB factory to have it repaired.

On-Site Repair Plan 
Under this comprehensive plan you will never have unexpected service costs. All analyzer repairs (parts and labor) are covered. This allows you to fix the analyzer service cost. It is available with the option of travel and living expenses included at an additional cost. 
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Refurbishment Plans

MB100 / FTLA series / Laboratory Upgrade & Exchange Program
Did you know that you can refurbish a MB spectrometer as old as 1988 at a cost-effective price? Taking advantage of the Upgrade/Exchange program will keep your instrument up-to-date and ensure future support. In addition, your system will not be affected by outdated or discontinued electronic sub-components.

Rebuild / Exchange Program for the FTPA2000-400 Series for the Hydrocarbon Process Stream Analyzer
To ensure minimum downtime, take advantage of the ABB pre-configured Factory Rebuilt Analyzer for Hydrocarbon Process Stream analysis.
Because of part obsolescence, maintaining your analyzer has become more complex. To avoid any inconvenience related to the availability of parts and unpredictable down-time, ABB offers a Factory Rebuild Exchange program for your FT-IR. With this program, you will be able to spend the next years focusing on your work and not on worrying about your old analyzer!


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