Natural Gas Chromatographs NGC8203

The NGC8203 performs on-site gas analysis and heating value computation where current chromatograph technology has been either impractical or unaffordable. This truly “transmitter-like” GC takes up no more room on the pipeline than most multivariable transmitters. The fast analysis cycle and automatic setup features make installation and maintenance unusually easy. The state-of-the-art built-in 32 bit digital controller, the dual electronic carrier pressure regulators, oven-mounted sensors, and other low-noise electronics provide unparalleled sensitivity and months between calibrations.

  • New design, more compact, more reliable, more precise
  • Custody transfer/metrology quality GC for heating value and composition
  • Lower cost to buy, install and operate


The NGC8203 has a special column set to analyze the components found in low Btu “Landfill” gas. In addition, ABB has constructed a sample system that provides a pressurized sample to the NGC from the low pressures typically found in landfill operations. 


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