Natural Gas Chromatograph Portable NGC8209

The Portable NGC8209 is a natural gas chromatograph designed for installation in a vehicle, allowing it to be used for real-time analysis on any site that can be driven to. The NGC is easily powered, either from the vehicle’s 12Vdc system or from a 110VAC inverter. Its low power operation means you can maintain continuous power on the unit, thus keeping it at operating temperature and assuring it is ready for immediate use on site.

The data gathered from the Portable NGC8209 can be used for flow computers, RTU’s, gas accounting systems, and SCADA systems for the Energy, AGA3, 7, 8 and 10 calculations at the meter site. This data output can be a CSV file format so that analysis data systems can easily incorporate the information. The number of runs and the number of averages can be selected. The averaged output can be formatted to be accepted by a 3rd party gas accounting software system, allowing automatic downloads of the analysis data.

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