Enhanced performance benchtop gas analyzers

GLA431 series

Rugged, sensitive, precise, accurate, highly linear (wide dynamic range) and fast.

Pre-calibrated 11”× 38”× 22” isotopic analyzer with enhanced thermal stability in benchtop package to provide ultra-stable and minimal drift measurements.

Our offering
ABB “Enhanced Performance" series incorporates proprietary internal thermal control for ultra-stable measurements with unsurpassed precision, accuracy, linearity, stability and drift.  Moreover, only ABB analyzers provide reliable measurements (guaranteed) at concentrations more than 20 times greater than typical ambient levels.  Furthermore, ABB analyzers report measurements over the widest range of ambient temperatures allowing users to easily record reliable data in the field.

The analyzer uses ABB's patented Off-axis ICOS technology, a fourth-generation cavity enhanced laser absorption technique. Off-axis ICOS has many advantages over conventional optical techniques (including first generation cavity ringdown spectroscopy) such as being more rugged and alignment insensitive, having a much shorter measurement time, and providing measurements over a much wider dynamic range.

The analyzer has an internal computer that can store data practically indefinitely on its hard disk drive and send real time data to a data logger via the digital (RS232), analog or Ethernet outputs. It can be controlled remotely via the Internet. This capability allows the user to operate the analyzer using a web browser practically anywhere Internet access is available. Furthermore, full remote access provides the opportunity to obtain data and to diagnose the instrument operation without being on site.
Liquid water isotopic analyzer

Simultaneous and continuous measurements of delta-deuterium and delta-18-oxygen in fresh water, seawater, and other liquids.

Triple liquid water isotopic analyzer

Simultaneous and continuous measurements of delta-deuterium, delta-17-oxygen, delta-18-oxygen and 17-oxygen excess in fresh water, seawater, and other liquids.

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