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FT-NIR Analyzers for Process and Field Measurements 


The FTPA2000-260 (formerly NetworkIR) is a proven near-infrared process monitoring analyzer for use with fiber optic sample interfaces. 





The analyzer is based on the proven single-pivot wishbone interferometer that was developed by ABB, providing unmatched performance with on-line process measurements.

  • Eight simultaneously illuminated fiber optic sample channels each with an independent detector
  • The Detector Module has no moving parts
  • Standard SMA fiber optic connectors
  • 19 ½” standard rack mount or wall mount
  • BK7 Optics
  • Health monitoring
  • The instrument is permanently aligned at the factory. 




Industrial grade FT-NIR spectrometer with BK7 optics for near-infrared operation

Spectral range:

14,000 to 3800 cm-1


1 to 64 cm-1,
variable in steps of 2´

Unapodized resolution:

0.7 cm-1

Wave number reproducibility:

0.04 cm-1
(based on water vapour line at 7299.86 cm-1)

Wave number repeatability:

0.001 cm-1

Peak signal-to-RMS-noise ratio:

Typically 30,000:1
(for 1 min. scan time, 4 cm-1resolution, open beam)


Less than 15 micro absorbance at 32 cm-1resolution
(10 s scan time)

Scan times at 4 cm-1 resolution:

3 s with DTGS
1.2 s with fast detectors

100% line repeatability:

0.3% for open beam, 9000 to 4100 cm-1, 2 consecutive measurements
(constant-temperature environment after warm-up)

Temperature coefficient of change in 100% line:

1% per °C at 10,000 cm-1

Maximum beam divergence:

90 milliradians


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