Coriolis mass flowmeter
CoriolisMaster FCM2000-MS2

CoriolisMaster FCM2000-MS2 is a meter with single bent-tube design. 
It delivers precision measurement for extremely low flow rates.

Fieldbus & HART


The tough construction of the flowmeter delivers reliable measurement in harsh  conditions. Whether it´s chemical dosing to an oil well, a paper machine, dosing of flavor into food or chemical dosing into waste water - they all face the same challenge: how to accurately measure flow rates.

The FCM2000-MS2 delivers: 

  • Small sizes for precision applications
  • High pressure capability
  • Transmitter with DSP technology
    – The latest digital filter technology assures detection of even the weakest sensor signals


General specifications:  

  • Nominal sizes / measuring ranges
    – DN 1.5 (1/16 in.) / 0 to 65 kg/h (143 lb/h)
    – DN 3 (1/10 in.) / 0 to 250 kg/h (551 lb/h)    
    – DN 6 (1/4 in.) / 0 to 1,000 kg/h (2,205 lb/h)    
  • Ex approvals
    – ATEX zone 0/1/2, cFMus Div 1/2 and zone 0/1/2, NEPSI 0/1/2
  • Wetted materials
    – 1.4404 / 1.4435 (316L) or Hasteloy C
  • Maximum process pressure
    – up to 500 bar (7250 psi) for details and restrictions see data sheet
  • Accuracy for liquids
    – Massflow: 0.4 % o. r. / 0.25 % o. r. / 0.15 % o. r. / 0.1 % o. r.
    – Density: 4 g/l or 1 g/l 
  • Measuring medium temperature 
    –  -50 to 180 °C (-58 to 356 °F) 
  • Outputs
    – 2 current outputs, 1 pulse, 1 contact out/in
  • Power supply
    – 24 V AC/DC, 110/230 V AC


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Fieldbus & HART

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