Thermal mass flowmeter
Sensyflow FMT500-IG

Sensyflow FMT500-IG is a digital mass flowmeter for air, gases and gas mixtures in process applications. The system is supplied with LCD display, integrated gas temperature measurement and totalizer functions.


Handbook: Industrial flow measurement

Basics and practice

Fieldbus & HART


Sensyflow FMT500-IG is a thermal mass flowmeter for gases. The measuring principle (hot-film  anemometer) allows the direct determination of mass flow and gas temperature. Taking the standard density of the gases into consideration, the standard volume flow rate can be displayed without additional pressure and temperature compensation.
The integral mount design of the Sensyflow FMT500-IG metering system comprises a transmitter, flowmeter sensor and a pipe component. In the remote mount design the flowmeter sensor and the transmitter are connected via cable.
The pipe component is available in various designs. It is also possible to install the flowmeter sensor directly in square ducts or pipes with any diameter via a weld-on adapter.


  • Wide measuring range up to 1:150
    – Factory calibration with optional DAkkS / ILAC certificate
    – Process gas calibration with clean gases and gas mixtures
  • High measuring accuracy of < 1 % of rate
  • Quick response time of < 0.5 s
  • Negligible pressure loss
  • Defined and reproductible mounting position
    – Pipe components for DN 25 to 200 (1 to 8 in.)
    – Weld-on adapters for larger diameters and rectangular ducts
  • Output signal
    – 4 to 20 mA, HART
    – Diagnostic and alarm functions
  • ATEX / GOST for zone 0, 1 and 21, FM, CSA, DVGW


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Fieldbus & HART

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