Continuous emission monitoring in practice

Case study | March 18, 2024

Reducing harmful emissions has never been more urgent. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that the demand for continuous emission monitoring systems (CEMS) is growing worldwide. 

Throughout the world, industrial companies that generate emissions are required to ensure that pollutants are within specified limits. Each country has laws and regulations for emission monitoring and control. On one hand, the demand is driven by increasing regulation and stricter enforcement, on the other - by public pressure on industries to operate sustainably.

Emission monitoring technology for a changing world

ABB is at the forefront of emission monitoring, empowering industrial companies to keep the air clean and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The ABB CEMS range meets legal requirements, measuring all types of emissions from stacks around the world.

The most stringent requirements are reserved for plants using waste incineration, such as cement plants. As these facilities are heavily monitored, the ABB ACF5000, based on FTIR technology, is the ideal solution, measuring 15 components simultaneously. 

The high-resolution fourier-transform infrared (FTIR) spectrometer provides selective measurement of infrared active gas molecules with high sensitivity and stability. The FTIR measurement principle ensures that the spectrometer is free from drift and does not require frequent adjustments, removing the need for holding stocks of test gases that can be expensive and unsafe. 

When new components become mandatory or emission limits change, the ACF5000 can be adjusted by a mere software upgrade.

The ABB EasyLine range is ideal in applications where measurements are limited to carbon monoxide (monitoring only), oxides of nitrogen, sulfur dioxide and oxygen for normalizing emission to reference concentration. 

ABB also offers a combination of NDIR, UV, paramagnetic, and FID and Laser technologies using the Uras, Limas, Magnos, Fidas  and LS25 modules. With the exception of LS25, all  gas analyzer modules can be integrated into the  Advance Optima or EasyLine ranges. 

Certifications and geographical reach

Every ABB analyzer used for CEMS has been independently tested and certified by TÜV or MCERTS in Europe. 

With 70,000 systems installed in more than 50 countries, ABB is a global leader in emission control, proud to serve 15 percent of the global market.


Download our CEMS Customer Information Guide and CEMS Selection Guide to find out how we can help

CEMS Customer Information Guide

Discover how ABB lowers the overall cost of ownership of CEMS and is leading the way in making continuous emission monitoring efficient and precise. Learn how we can support you with solutions aligned with evolving government regulations and organizational sustainability mandates.

CEMS Selection Guide

Let us guide you through the process of choosing the right analyzer for your needs. Based on the required emission components, this interactive guide will help you make the right selection. If a turn-key solution is preferred, we will guide you to select the right multi-component plug-and-play solution.


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