Five good reasons why the EasyLine EL3000 is the smart yet simple solution for continuous gas analysis

Gary Egerton

July 29, 2021


Gary Egerton

Business Development & Sales Manager UK & IE, Measurement & Analytics


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The EasyLine EL3000 was developed to meet a demand for a high-quality continuous gas analysis tool at an affordable price. It combines ABB’s proven and reliable analyser technology with unrivalled ease of use. The EL3000 has simplified gas analysis through easy selection and simple operation and maintenance.

Gas analysers are used in applications as diverse as glass production to biogas purification, in metal production and air separation units. The gases being analysed and the parameters of the reading required vary by application, demanding a versatile solution that can be used to meet a range of demands.

Part of ABB’s comprehensive range of analysers for process gas measurement, the EasyLine EL3000 offers a number of key features and benefits that make it ideal for a range of industrial gas measurement applications in sectors including air separation, chemicals manufacturing, cement, waste, pulp and paper, metals and mining, water and marine.  

Industrial gas measurement required in sectors including air separation, chemicals manufacturing, cement, waste, pulp and paper, metals and mining, water and marine.

Versatile selection

The EL3000 can be configured to match industry-specific application requirements by combining up to two sensors in one enclosure to measure up to five components. Suitable for measuring flammable gases, the EL3000 uses proven and established analyser technologies, such as the Uras26 infrared photometer, Limas23 ultraviolet photometer and Caldos27 thermal conductivity detector, to enable a wide range of process gases to be measured.

A recent addition to the sensor family is the revised Magnos28 analyser for paramagnetic oxygen measurement. The Magnos28 introduces a fundamental revision of the sensor design, replacing the traditional glass dumbbell found in many gas sensors with a new silicon sensor. Called the ‘microwing’, the sensor provides an all-in-one device without any additional attachments, greatly enhancing repeatability and precision.

Easy configuration

With the EL3000 there’s no need to spend time or effort trying to figure out configuration settings. We can develop solutions to meet specific applications, which can be delivered to site tailored for your needs. Features such as configurable measurement ranges and modular I/O units enable quick and easy set up. A PC configuration tool is also provided to enable programming of custom parameters, helping you to minimise the risk of measurement errors caused by incorrect settings.

Easy integration

A key benefit of the EL3000 is its easy integration and ability to be adapted to changing future requirements. A selection of industry standard I/O offers a choice of communication options, including Ethernet, 4-20mA, Modbus TCP/IP, Modbus RTU and Profibus, providing the flexibility to access data locally or via a centralised control system.

For applications where calibration with test gases is required, there is the option of controlling up to seven external solenoid valves, while an optional pump, flow sensor and solenoid valve is available for applications requiring an integral gas feed.

Easy operation

Once specified the analyser is delivered tailored to the application with a PC configuration tool that can be used to program custom parameter settings. All functions are accessible via ABB’s standardised HMI, which features a simplified keypad and simplified menu structure. All recorded events are date and time stamped and are saved together with configuration and measurement data to an internal SD card memory. To avoid tampering, the EL3000 features multi-level security measures that prevent unauthorised access. Password protection also ensures that changes can only be made by authorised users with settings to allow read-only, calibrate and advanced security access levels.

Easy maintenance

Calibration is essential for all gas analysers, with the frequency often dictated by the application. For example, if a device is used for emissions monitoring there can be a regulatory requirement to calibrate more regularly. The EasyLine series can either be calibrated manually or automatically and the series is available with optional gas-filled calibration cells which simplify maintenance and reduce calibration costs by up to 95 percent. In addition to simplifying the calibration process they also have integrated drift checking with one-year data storage.

When it comes to servicing, the units are equipped with Dynamic QR codes which can be read by operator smartphone or tablet for faster fault diagnosis and repair. The modular design ensures easy disassembly and replacement of component parts if required.

Delivering the performance needed to meet tightening requirements

As demands tighten around both emissions regulations and equipment budgets, companies are increasingly looking for solutions that can offer the best levels of performance and can be readily adapted to meet changing future requirements.

With its versatility and all-round easy ownership, the EL3000 provides the flexible, accurate and economical solution for a wide range of continuous gas analysis applications.

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