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Introducing the AWT420 analytical transmitter

The flexibility of the new transmitter from ABB ensures the most efficient use of time and equipment for the best possible results in water analysis.  In our Q&A, Jon Penn, Global Product Line Manager for Continuous Water Analysers at ABB, discusses the versatility of this transmitter and how it can improve water treatment efficiency.

Jon Penn

Global Product Line Manager - Continuous Water Analyzers, ABB Measurement & Analytics


Describe the AWT420 in 20 words or less

Jon: A four-wire, dual channel analytical transmitter that measures multiple parameters in a single device for efficient water usage and treatment. 




Tell us more. What key benefits does it offer customers?

Jon: The key benefit is its versatility, but it’s also simple to integrate, is data secure and fast to upgrade in the field.


  • Versatility
What makes the AWT420 versatile is its use of interchangeable communications and sensor modules. This means the transmitter can be upgraded as required without having to purchase additional units. For communications it supports modules for HART, Profibus or Foundation Fieldbus and ABB’s digital EZLink. The sensors supported include the latest digital sensors from ABB for pH/ORP, dissolved oxygen and turbidity, as well as analogue sensors for the same parameters including conductivity.

The transmitter’s dual channel design means users can opt for either analogue or digital sensors or a mixture of the two, providing the convenience and associated cost savings of using a single device for multiple measurements. Integrated PID also enables the transmitter to provide direct or reverse acting control. In pH applications, this function can also be used to provide dual acid/base control.


  • Easy to use and to set up

Each pluggable module is factory-calibrated and can be removed and exchanged via the transmitter’s hinged door, allowing fast upgrading in the field. The transmitter has an intuitive interface, with easy navigation and Windows™-style scrolling menus, so it’s simple to set-up and use. The one-button calibration routine also eliminates the need for specialist commissioning expertise. 


  • Easy access to data

The AWT420 incorporates lots of features enabling quick and easy access to measurement, diagnostic and audit data. The full-colour TFT display means sensor data can be quickly located and viewed in-situ via the device’s display or saved onto an internal SD card for analysis using ABB’s DataManager Pro tool. The inclusion of BluetoothTM technology also enables operators to obtain up-to-the-minute information and technical support via a smartphone using ABB’s EZLink connect app. Through the app, users can access sensor information, maintain and support documentation and proactively manage sensors remotely.



 "AWT420 is versatile through use of interchangeable communications and sensor modules, easy to use and set up with factory-calibrated pluggable modules, and has a range of features for easy access to measurement, diagnostic and audit data"


Tell me more about the security?

Jon: The unit will keep track of important information by recording time and date stamped event data, configuration data and measurement data to its internal SD card memory. To avoid data tampering, multi-level security access prevents unauthorized configuration or calibration changes. Password protection ensures that changes can only be made by authorized users, with the details of any alterations, including dates, times and the person responsible, stored in an audit trail. Multi-level security access also ensures users can only perform tasks within their specific profiles, with a choice of read-only, calibrate and advanced security access levels. 


Where can the AWT420 be used?

Jon: The AWT420 can be used wherever water quality needs to be measured, from water and wastewater treatment plants through to applications in the process, power and marine sectors. 

With a choice of wall-, pipe- and panel-mounting options, the AWT420 can be fitted virtually anywhere. There’s also a choice of corrosion-resistant polycarbonate or durable metal versions, with USFMc and ATEX / IECEx approvals, making it suitable for both standard and hazardous applications. All the enclosure options are available with either AC or DC power.

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