Success lies in engaging with colleagues and tackling challenges as a team

Interview | December 7, 2023

As the Global Product Manager for Continuous Gas Analyzers (CGA) in ABB’s Measurement & Analytics Division, Carolin Seubert plays an important role in shaping the future of gas analytics. 

Carolin’s 15-year career at ABB is steeped in a deep appreciation for STEM, which has helped her to become a leader in this technical field. Her journey from learning on the job to becoming a global product manager reflects both her personal success and the strides made in promoting diversity and inclusion in STEM fields.


Learning on the job

Carolin's foray into the world of gas analytics was not a conventional one. Gas analytics is a specialized field encompassing physics, chemistry and electrical engineering, and requires hands-on learning. She began her ABB journey in 2008 as an application engineer in the technical sales support team for continuous gas analyzers. Working on customized solutions and new applications, she touched multiple aspects of the field from proof of concept to development and startup.

The challenge of learning on the job was met with passion and curiosity, fueled by the enthusiasm of her colleagues. Despite being one of the few women and the youngest in an established team, Carolin found a welcoming workplace. “Colleagues shared knowledge and fostered an environment where laboratory work, customer visits and sales support became integral to my learning,” said Carolin. 

“In STEM fields, fundamental principles remain constant, regardless of who’s telling the story.” 


Global sustainability impact

Carolin's role as the Global Product Manager is about more than just products. She actively contributes to environmental protection, stewarding the development of devices that monitor exhaust gases, emissions and process gases along production processes. The analytical instruments she works with make the invisible visible, ensure compliance and contribute to sustainability. 

Her work spans diverse customer markets, from core industrial sectors such as iron and steel, to medical devices. “ABB’s Frankfurt facility, where CGAs are produced, provides me with valuable insights into the entire value chain, coupled with the advantages of a global network,” noted Carolin. This variety allows her to explore industries and learn about different production processes. 

“The nature of ABB's worldwide operations facilitates a connection between local insight and global expertise.


Navigating a STEM career

For Carolin, ABB’s core values, especially “courage,” have been crucial in her journey. Stepping out of her comfort zone, making decisions, and managing results were essential components of her success. The key, she emphasizes, lies in involving colleagues and mastering challenges as a team − a principle that has been fundamental to her achievements and a reflection of another core ABB value of collaboration.

Her satisfaction at work comes from addressing different challenges presented by customers, ultimately resolved by cross-functional teamwork. One standout achievement in her career is the development of CEMcaptain for emissions monitoring on ships. “This project involved collecting market requirements, driving system development in Shanghai, and managing internal stakeholders, certification bodies, and customers,” Carolin said. “The collaborative effort culminated in the successful launch of CEMcaptain in 2021.”

“STEM is a solid field to work in. If you put in the effort, you’ll almost always reap the benefits.”


Inspiration and mentorship

Carolin finds inspiration in the passion for analytics displayed by her colleagues across various industries. As part of the global CGA community, she is eager to share her enthusiasm for analytics with newcomers. Whether male or female, she encourages young professionals to continuously push boundaries by stepping out of their comfort zones.

Her advice to women and girls entering STEM fields is simple: don't be afraid. While she acknowledges some minor challenges related to gender diversity, she believes that the increasing presence of women in STEM fields will encourage others to join.

“Earning credibility in a new field is a universal challenge, and the satisfaction of overcoming it is immensely rewarding,” said Carolin.

Carolin's experience at ABB has been marked by feeling valued and respected for her contributions. Her role as a product manager requires collaboration across departments, and being consulted for solutions is a testament to her expertise. She believes that the engineering industry can attract and retain more women by promoting the increasing presence of women in STEM, making it more accessible and encouraging.


Balancing personal and professional life

For Carolin, ABB's support with flexible working hours and remote working has helped to balance her personal and professional lives. “This approach empowers employees to align work with personal commitments, enhancing autonomy and productivity,” noted Carolin. Particularly beneficial for those starting families, ABB's recognition of diverse life stages helps to retain skilled professionals. 

ABB's understanding of work-life balance both enhances employee satisfaction and bolsters its brand, attracting top talent in a competitive job market.

“The mutual commitment between employees and ABB establishes a positive feedback loop, reducing talent turnover.”


About Carolin Seubert

Carolin earned a Bachelor’s of Engineering from Cooperative State University Mannheim in 2011 and a Master’s in Business Administration from Darmstadt Business School in 2016. She joined ABB in 2008 as an application engineer, specializing in continuous gas analyzers. In 2015, she took up the role of technical product manager, helping to shape the future of CGAs. During her ABB career, she has applied STEM theory in many global projects and enhanced her technical skills through in-depth learning.

Years at ABB: 15 years

Initiatives/products worked on so far: Carolin has focused on three ABB products: NDUV photometer, NDIR photometer and CEMcaptain, including special application requests and improvement projects. She oversaw the launch of the new NDUV photometer, Limas21, and the phase-out of its predecessor. Carolin has collaborated with local sales and customers to develop applications, including calorific value measurement with the NDIR photometer Uras26. She has also been involved with different quality measurements and production control in the chemical industry. Additionally, Carolin has been working on emissions monitoring initiatives in the marine industry.

Superpowers: courage, commitment, collaboration

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