What is a multivariable pressure sensor?

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Transmitters typically quantify the pressure of a system as a differential value or a measurement of absolute pressure.

These volumetric methods alone cannot provide accurate determinations of the mass flow of a system, which is affected by both differential pressure, absolute pressure, and temperature. Multivariable pressure sensors provide a novel solution to using distinct measuring components for each of these parameters, integrating critical calculations for determining the mass flow of a process.

Multivariable pressure sensors measure volumetric pressure as a function of both absolute and differential pressure and compensate that value with temperature measurements to provide accurate mass flow readings of a system. This is crucial for applications where gases, vapors, or fluids in a flow system are subject to density changes. Such applications would typically rely on separate measurement components to acquire the differential pressure, the static pressure, and the temperature values of a pressure-sensitive component, with an external calculator providing the system’s mass flow calculations. Multivariable pressure sensors provide a novel solution to this tedious method for correcting density changes in temperature-critical pressure components such as pulp and paper boiler housings, and flue gas pipework.

The immediate benefits of implementing a multivariable pressure sensor are ease and cost. They reduce the need for multiple instruments, thus extraneous wiring and additional vessel or pipe puncturing to assess the process parameters. Installation and maintenance is therefore vastly improved, with reduced risks of component failure due to the comprehensive reduction in hardware. The potential savings of installing a multivariable pressure sensor in an area where temperature-compensated pressure values are critical is estimated in the region of 30 – 40%.

Applications for Multivariable Pressure Sensors

Multivariable pressure sensors are routinely used in the power, chemical, oil and gas, and pulp and paper sectors to monitor the mass flow at varying stages of the manufacturing and development processes. They are used in flow systems to calculate and correct mass flow changes resulting from temperature fluctuations, and for level measurements in power condensers and distilleries.

Multivariable Pressure Sensors from ABB

ABB is a leading supplier of pressure measurement equipment, providing the most comprehensive selection of pressure transmitters on the market. Our multivariable sensors are routinely implemented in various sectors such as the energy, oil and gas, and the paper and pulp industry to monitor the mass flow of integral processes.

We offer a range of multivariable pressure sensors, including the 266 Series of multivariable pressure sensors with optional accuracy levels of 0.025%. Transmitters are also available with two remote diaphragm seals with outstanding corrosion resistant properties.

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