Your career flourishes when you eliminate self-imposed restrictions

Interview | October 25, 2023

At the forefront of business performance among PA Divisions, ABB Measurement & Analytics is guided by exceptional individuals, such as Mariafrancesca Madrigrano, who serves as Pressure Production Responsible Unit (PRU) Manager and Ossuccio Factory General Manager. Her decades-long professional journey is a testament to the power of determination and resilience, driving her to reach new heights of success. 

“I recently celebrated 20 years at ABB. I am proud to be part of a dynamic organization, where people consistently make the difference.”

Unwavering determination to succeed

During her time with the company, which began in 2002 with Lummus Global (formerly part of ABB), she rapidly ascended through the ranks of the Oil & Gas Business Unit. She took on critical roles in managing lump-sum turnkey projects, both in sales and operations. In 2017, she transitioned to the Measurement & Analytics division, where she helped facilitate the consolidation of ABB’s Pressure business within a single factory for HUB Southern Europe. Since 2019, she has led ABB’s Ossuccio factory as General Manager, guiding her team to victory through the turbulent times of the pandemic and supply chain shortages. 

Equipped with an engineering background and a master's degree in project management, Mariafrancesca emphasizes the value of a strong educational foundation for a fruitful career in business. “My career blends scientific knowledge and practical application, which has played a vital role in my professional journey,” she said.  

In navigating engineering, her reflections hearken back to her initial entry into the oil & gas sector. “My work has been primarily shaped by my expertise and dedication,” said Mariafrancesca, emphasizing the significance of a performance-driven work culture that values competence and skills above all else. 


Driving change with diversity and inclusion

As an advocate for diversity and inclusion (D&I), Mariafrancesca highlights the crucial role of “care” within the ABB values, and the importance of nurturing a work environment that aligns company goals with personal well-being. D&I is an integral component of ABB's overarching strategy, with defined targets across various domains.  

“Our success hinges on our people, who we must value and nurture.” 

Mariafrancesca’s role in ABB’s Italian gender core team exemplifies her commitment to fostering a more inclusive workplace, removing hurdles that hinder women’s career development, and promoting a culture of equal opportunity. “Our aim is to achieve 25% female leadership and ensure that all women have the chance to contribute meaningfully to an industry that has traditionally been male-dominated,” she said. In her quest to create a more inclusive environment, she has actively contributed to ABB's D&I initiatives. She has championed the implementation of policies, such as “smart working” to facilitate a better work-life balance, the introduction of the Employee Assistance Program service, and the establishment of a genderless approach to parental leave, thus creating an environment conducive to both personal and professional growth. 


Additionally, Mariafrancesca is a staunch advocate for the LGBTQ+ community. “Acknowledging the persistent challenges faced by LGBTQ+ workers, I remain a dedicated ally to the community both in my personal life and as a manager at ABB. My vision for our factory is of a workplace where all forms of diversity are embraced and measures are taken to ensure inclusivity,” she said. 

“The impetus for change stems from the recognition that diversity in gender, ability, age and background fosters enrichment and cultivates fresh opportunities for growth.” 


Leveraging STEM for professional growth

“Over my 20-year career at ABB, I have experienced an empowering trajectory, traveling globally and enjoying amazing opportunities,” she said. Mariafrancesca believes that careers are shaped by individual choices and unforeseen opportunities, yet the elimination of traditional roadblocks can enhance and drive both personal and professional growth. “Your career flourishes when you eliminate self-imposed restrictions,” she noted. 

To young women embarking on careers in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics), Mariafrancesca offers encouragement, urging them to embrace curiosity and courage in exploring the myriad opportunities in the field. “There are countless possibilities for those who are willing to take unconventional paths within the industry, which can empower women both personally and professionally,” she said. Furthermore, STEM careers facilitate development and modernization, and by entering these fields, women can contribute to new discoveries and technological advancements, thus making a lasting impact on society, she added. 

“With their progressive thinking and innovative drive, STEM professionals can help in tackling global problems and building a more sustainable and interconnected world for generations to come.” 


About Mariafrancesca

Based in Milan, Italy, Mariafrancesca Madrigrano, is an accomplished leader with a 20-year-plus career in engineering and project management in various locations, including Algeria, the Middle East, Thailand, Iran, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Europe and India. She currently serves as Pressure PRU Manager and Ossuccio Factory General Manager for ABB Measurement & Analytics. She holds a Senior Project Management Certification from George Washington University, and a Lean Passport Program from SDA BOCCONI. Mariafrancesca also holds a Master’s in Engineering and Contracting-Project Management from MIP Politecnico di Milano, as well as a Bachelor's in Civil Engineering from Università della Calabria. 

Years at ABB: 21 years

Initiatives/products worked on so far: strategic planning, industrial strategy and people development initiatives for Ossuccio factory; transformation program for HUB Southern Europe; bid and proposal team management; EPC turnkey projects in the oil, gas and petrochemical sectors. 

Superpower: strategic mindset, creativity, curiosity 

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