Secure Network Service

Securing your digital world: reducing cyber threats


ABB Secure Network Service is a service product that:

-Identifies potential risks in your system based on your analyzer install base
-Creates a customized and easily maintained network segregation solution to reduce your cyber security risk level
-Offers a complimentary assessment of any urgent risks identified
-Offers optional support in response to cyber security incidents including ABB Analyzers

Currently available only for ACF-NT systems, adding an extra layer of security to the operating system utilized on this product.

Improved Cyber Security


Customized and Easy-to-Maintain Network Segregation

Robust Firewall Protection

Minimal Disruption to Operations

- Ensuring the protection of data and system components

- ABB SNS Identifies and mitigates potential cyber security risks. The regulated network traffic protects analyzers’ networks from sophisticated cyberattacks

- Scalable solution to suit any budget

- ABB SNS includes complimentary remediation of urgent risks. It also offers a comprehensive range of support, allowing for the selection of the most suitable and cost-effective solution, customized to your specific case

- Improving system resilience

- ABB SNS offers tailored network segregation solutions that are easy to maintain and boost the network security

- Enhancing the system’s defense against cyber threats

- A secure firewall with optional long-term firmware support

- Reducing unplanned downtime as a result of cyber security concerns

- The installation and commissioning process ensures a seamless integration of the upgraded security measures. The optional spare part stocking and call out service for incident response reduces unplanned downtime in the event of an incursion

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