Industrial cyber security is about managing risk

Cyber security is becoming a critical topic for industrial companies. The threats are evolving and more focus is required to ensure the security of the operational technology network. It is important to understand that physical devices, which are often buried at the bottom of the control network, may be vulnerable to attack. It is important to understand what you're up against.

  • 350,000 new malicious programs are detected daily, adding to the 1.2 billion pieces of malware we already know about.

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Measurement & Analytics cyber security solutions

The profile of process facilities make them attractive targets

1. Distributed Systems

Facility and enterprise layouts are typically dispersed and siloed—increasing the attack surface.

2. Increased Asset Complexity

The number of connected devices is growing exponentially and older systems in particular, do not have all the correct cyber security measured built into them.

3. Increased Process Complexity

With industrial control system assets becoming more connected, previously isolated components now have greater Cyber Security risks than ever before.

4. Lack of ICS Security Visibility

Monitoring Cyber Security across operational assets is difficult to implement.

5. Labour Inefficiency

Manually retrieving and investigating logs from various sources is inefficient and unreliable making automating these process ideal essential for sustaining secure systems.


6. Inadequate Security Expertise

As the need for expertise grows, recruiting individuals with relevant Cyber Security expertise has become an industry-wide challenge.

Production losses

Environmental damage

Regulatory fines


Safety risks

Reputational damage


Not addressing cyber security increases the risk of production stops resulting in lost production

Cyber attacks on industrial plants risk releasing hazardous materials into the surrounding environment

Failure to meet international and national standards for cyber security often leads to fines and sanctions from regulating bodies

Cyber attacks on industrial and manufacturing systems put workers at risk of serious injury and death

The immeasurable impact comes from when an incident does occur. Brand equity takes years to build and seconds to destroy

To help manage your cyber security risks, you need ABB's cyber security expertise, reducing the likelihood and impact of a cyber incident.

ABB's risk reduction roadmap

ABB Measurement and Analytics has an evolving cyber security portfolio that complements other offerings within ABB Process Automation. Coming together to create a wide offering that helps our customers mitigate risks throughout their facilities



ABB has a unique combination of people, processes and technologies to help ensure customers achieve cyber security objectives.


Experienced measurement & analytics engineers and industrial cyber experts across +50 countries


Over 100 years of industrial experience and +30 years of cyber know-how


To support +5.2M systems installed worldwide throughout their lifecycle

Popular ABB Ability™ cyber security offerings


ABB is a pioneer and thought leader in industrial cyber security. We offer many resources to help you understand cyber security, discover your vulnerability level, take preventive steps to protect IT and OT assets, and mitigate cyber threats.




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