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Non-invasive temperature sensor


A new era of temperature measurement using non-invasive sensors.

Introducing NiTemp – A simpler and safer way of measuring your process temperature without the need to shut down, drill a hole or install a thermowell. With its innovative double sensor architecture and specially developed calculation algorithm, NiTemp greatly enhances your safety and reduces your installation costs without sacrificing the quality of your measurement.

*Currently available in the European market only



The NiTemp includes a transmitter based on TTH300. Integrated new algorithms enable the high precise temperature calculation. Output via 4 to 20 mA and HART protocol. Accuracy and response time are in the range of temperature measurements with thermowell. Learn more by reading the NiTemp white paper.

The temperature sensor has global approvals for explosion protection up to zone 0. The NiTemp belongs to ABB's product family SensyTemp TSP. It is listed in the related type examination certificates for explosion protection as SensyTemp TSP341-N.

Don't wait for the next shutdown to get your temperature measurement. Contact us today to see if NiTemp can meet your requirements. Our sales team have evaluation algorithms to tell you whether NiTemp could help get the performance you need, faster, safer and without having to stop your process.


  • Robust connection heads
    – AGL: Aluminum, with screw-on cover
    – AGLD: Aluminum, with screw-on cover and LCD indicator type AS
    – AGS: Stainless steel, with screw-on cover
    – AGSD: Stainless steel, with screw-on cover and LCD indicator type AS
  • Transmitter in connection head
    – Based on TTH300, with integrated algorithms for non-invasive temperature measurement considering environment conditions
    – 4 to 20 mA, HART 7
    – Electrical isolation
    – Sensor monitoring and self-monitoring (NE 89, NE 107)
  • Measuring range -40 to 400 °C
  • Global approvals for explosion protection up to zone 0, intrinsic safety and flameproof enclosure
  • Consideration of the NAMUR recommendation NE 24


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