Liquid level sensor

The LevelMaster combines the industry’s most innovative hardware and software to address the unique custody-measurement and operational needs of tank-level management. The LevelMaster provides not only an accurate level gauge, but also an accurate measurement of the oil and water interface.

Unlike other level-sensing technologies, LevelMaster provides precise levels without having to continuously adjust for changes in the unpredictable properties of storage-tank liquids. LevelMaster floats can measure oil, water, and emulsion levels up to 25 feet (7.6 m) deep, with a standard relative accuracy of 0.1 inch (2.5 mm) or optional high-precision relative accuracy of 0.05 inch (1.25 mm).

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Measuring the LevelMaster’s importance
The LevelMaster provides high-precision level measurement for any tank up to 25 feet (7.6 m) tall. A LevelMaster of any length is an exceptional tool that can be relied on to:

・Ensure Accurate Sales. For custody transfer applications, the measurement reliability, life cycle, and no-drift accuracy of LevelMaster sensors are unsurpassed by competing technologies. When used with powerful XSeries technology, the LevelMaster is approved by the Bureau of Land Management for measuring gross volumes of oil in custody-transfer transactions. 

・Prevent Spills. The LevelMaster can prevent environmental damage caused by spills. Combined with a Totalflow XSeries RTU, the LevelMaster automatically alerts all necessary parties in the event of an unexpected rise in the tank level or spill.

・Increase Safety. The LevelMaster not only provides accurate levels, it can also save lives. With the help of XSeries RTUs and software, the LevelMaster can provide accurate level data to offsite personnel, eliminating the need to perform manual measurement on hazardous sites. The LevelMaster is CSA-certified for use in Division 1, Group D Hazardous Environments. 

・Reduce Operating Expense. By utilizing a combination of XSeries RTUs and associated applications support, the LevelMaster reduces the need to drive to storage sites to monitor gas and liquids. Its simple, one-time installation, and calibration enable the operator to “set it and forget it.” 

・Minimize Training Time. The LevelMaster is designed to work with all Totalflow flow computers and RTUs, and offers the same trending tool as other Totalflow applications, so training time is minimal for those already familiar with this intuitive, user-friendly technology.
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