Wireless RS485 intrinsically-safe barrier


The WellTell-IS client is an intrinsically-safe barrier with integrated wireless capabilities and on-board battery charger. The WellTell-X host wirelessly interfaces an RTU or flow computer to other protocol based devices, eliminating the need for any wired connections.

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WellTell wireless – low cost, reliable radio links

Depending on the distances and other conditions at the well-site, it can be much more cost effective to connect remote devices with wireless technology than with wired solutions.

Wireless solutions can also be installed immediately. Trenching often requires dig permits and subcontractors which take more time to schedule and get your system up and running.

Typical applications include:

  • LevelMaster tank level sensing
  • NGC 8200 series chromatographs
  • XMVs
  • Variable frequency drives
  • Motor starters
  • Any serial data protocol that can be transmitted over an RS-485 connection
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