How to get accurate and reliable compressive strength testing for liner and fluting


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Leveraging the short-span compression method enables a shorter measuring distance and therefore no sample bending. This provides better results to optimize strength.

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As a liner or fluting producer, you are deeply invested in optimizing strength. ABB's L&W Compressive Strength Tester STFI provides accurate and reliable compressive strength testing using the short-span compression test (SCT) method.

This method is more reliable and relevant for strength optimization and a better predictor of end box performance compared to other methods. Invented more than 40 years ago by Swedish research institute STFI, ABB's heritage brand of Lorentzen & Wettre developed the first instrument to utilize the SCT method. 

The instrument boasts a very short measuring distance, which prevents the sample from bending. This is where it gets the upperhand as methods like the Ring Crush Test can underestimate the strength of low grammage material because the sample ‘buckles’. 

Modern instruments lead to easy and fast testing

Easy and fast testing with quick sample preparation allow more frequent testing and quicker feedback to production.

The L&W Ultra-Precision measuring unit is uniquely designed and manufactured to ensure highest precision for repeatable and reproducible results. 

The touch screen makes the instrument very easy to operate, providing a quick overview of results to make faster quality optimization decisions.

And, this along with all L&W products can be easily connected to ABB's L&W Lab Management System for automatic capture and analysis of results.


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