Multivariable Color Control

Stabilize color operations with advanced, model-based control to reduce color variability, shade change time and dye waste

ABB Color Control is a powerful tool for paper mills that make colored products – ranging from whites and pastels to all kinds of dark shades – to help reduce color variability, dye usage and costly rejects associated with off-shade production.
The system stabilizes sheet color faster by using multivariable control algorithms, based on advanced models rooted in the Kubelka-Munk theory of paper coloring. Color Control is designed to utilize the full power of our unique High-Performance Color Measurement, which uses a continuous LED light source and high-speed spectrometer for faster and more reliable color, brightness, opacity and whiteness measurement. 

The accuracy of the measurements coupled with our advanced Color Control enables papermakers to automatically and precisely achieve the target shade, reducing off-spec product, and shade change and start-up times.
  • Reduces color and shade variability
  • Minimizes dye usage and rejects
  • Faster and easier shade changes and sheet break recovery
  • Eliminates need for pre-mixing and excessive dye dilution
  • Improves shift-to-shift performance and consistency
  • Enables resources to focus on quality optimization

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How it works

ABB Color Control uses dynamic, full spectral response models that automatically adjust to a variety of process variable changes and feed the correct dosage of each dye—even when process settings are far off from the initial tuning, or unexpected disturbances or latent non-linear dye responses arise.

Feedback about the color of the dry sheet is provided by the ABB High-Performance Color Sensor located at the reel, and non-linear dye saturation responses are handled with Kubelka-Munk reflectance transformations method.


Add-on control packages

Additional Multivariable Color Control

Addresses the complex in by automating the application of additional dye to either the top or bottom side of the sheet.

Fluorescent Whiteness Control

Precisely coordinates the additions of optical brigthening agents or fluroscent whitening agents to adive optimal paper fluorescence.

Advanced Shade Change

Utilizes the shade information of both active and prelimniary shades to coordinate the dye transition during the shade change operation.



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