Machine Direction Control

Improve the speed and accuracy of machine direction variables for greater product uniformity, minimized process upsets, and efficient raw material usage

ABB controls use an advanced, time-based Kalman filtering technique for process scanning measurement. which helps extract precise MD information from scanning online sensors. Since ABB scanners never leave the sheet, ABB MD controls receive accurate and continuous online product information for better overall performance.

Types of control

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Weight Control
Weight Control calculates control actions for slice actuators to optimize the weight profile. Advanced control strategies work together with algorithms to minimize weight variations under all operating conditions. 

Moisture Controls
ABB Moisture Control calculates control actions for CD actuators to optimize the moisture profile. By combining advanced control strategies and high performance algorithms, moisture variations are minimized, no matter what the operating conditions.

Ash Control
ABB Ash Control ensures a better quality finished product by enhancing customer machine-direction control. Based on non-continuous measurements, ABB Ash Control reduces ash variability by up to 80%, and enhances performance up to 50%. This allows optimum product quality.

Opacity Control
ABB Opacity Controls enhance the opacity quality in the printing characteristics of your product. This level of accuracy and consistency in your opacity control enables papermakers to minimize the number of rejects and downgrades while conserving raw materials and energy, ensuring an overall quality product.

Coat Weight Control
ABB Coat Weight Controls improve the appearance and printing characteristics of your product, while enhancing runnability in printing and converting operations. Accurate and consistent control of coating applications enables papermakers to reduce rejects and downgrades while conserving raw materials and energy. 

Automatic Grade Change Control
Fast Grade Change eliminates short-term disturbances in sheet moisture, estimates future steam usage based on grade data and determines the nonlinear relationship between paper weight and machine speed, in an effort to eliminate non-modeled process upsets.

Color Controls
These controls include Multivariable Color Control, which manages dye addition to minimize the difference between the target and measured shade; Dual-Sided Color Control, which coordinates dye additions between top and bottom color control; Fluorescent Whiteness Control, which maintains fluorescent whitener targets, and Advanced Shade Change, which coordinates the dye transition during the shade change operation.

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