Multivariable Cross Direction Controls

Simultaneously optimize and balance multiple paper quality CD profiles

MCD Control is a QCS application that controls multiple sheet property profiles with multiple sets of CD actuators simultaneously taking into account the interactions among all actuators and their constraints while optimizing all profiles to their specified priorities. It delivers the most effective results by empowering operators to set the best balance among the objectives using a simple and intuitive operator interface.

MCD Control can be used to: 
  • Minimize energy consumption when the increased application of an actuator carries a penalty of increased energy demand
  • Reduce the use of expensive coating additives (used to improve gloss) and improve reel building by optimizing MD and CD gloss, moisture and caliper, simultaneously on a supercalender.
  • Enable faster recovery from process upsets by reducing the machine-direction variation that results from independent control of multiple actuator sets

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Types of control

Weight Control
ABB Weight Control calculates control actions for slice actuators to optimize the weight profile. Advanced control strategies work together with algorithms to minimize weight variations under all operating conditions. 

Moisture Controls
ABB Moisture Control calculates control actions for CD actuators to optimize the moisture profile. By combining advanced control strategies and high performance algorithms, moisture variations are minimized, no matter what the operating conditions.

Caliper Control
ABB Caliper Control optimizes the caliper profile using advanced control actions for calendar stack actuators. By utilizing both advanced control strategies and high-performance algorithms, ABB Caliper Control minimizes caliper variations under any operating conditions. 

Coat Weight Controls
ABB Coat Weight Controls improve the appearance and printing characteristics of your product, while enhancing runnability in printing and converting operations. Accurate and consistent control of coating applications enables papermakers to reduce rejects and downgrades while conserving raw materials and energy. This control ensures an optimum, smooth coat weight profile by precisely positioning the coater blade.

Finishing Controls
ABB finishing control algorithms simultaneously and safely minimize cross-direction variability by adjusting the setpoints of actuators. Finishing controls also maximize production and eliminate sheet delamination or blackening, and individual steam flows compensate for changes in speed, production, stack temperature and other stack parameters. 

LV CD Control
ABB LV CD Control automatically optimizes control performance without manual intervention and interruption of the CD control system. It provides your operators with hands-free automation and long-term persistent, optimal performance. This advanced feature enhances ABB's CD Control system by providing superior results, increasing operating efficiency and providing an excellent return on your investment. 

ABB's approach

  • MCD control can be applied to QCS800xA user environment
  • MCD control is implemented in a separate dedicated server called MCD Connectivity Server. The specifications for this server are the same as for an 800xA Connectivity Server
  • Each MCD Control supports up to five input profiles and five output arrays. One large MCD application can also be broken down in a number of smaller MCD controllers for practical purposes. For example, one 5x5 MCD product license can be operated as one 2x2 and one 3x3 MCD controllers
  • To ensure quick delivery and startup, ABB offers a full range of installation and commissioning services. These include outlining customer specifications, installation support, ensuring optimal performance, and expert project management

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