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QCS Automation Software Maintenance for QCS800xA

Keep quality control software up-to-date while providing a flexible path forward to new system software technology

ABB’s QCS Automation Software Maintenance (ASM) program fosters proactive system management and reduces both technical and financial constraints with easier software delivery.

This program enables access to the latest QMS software for continuous enhancements between system upgrades, contributing to an overall improved and simplified upgrade process.

ABB’s QCS ASM program is unique in that it features a tiered subscription service that allows customers to access the latest updates within their current version whenever they may want them—including patches, new features, and more. 

Proactive system management

The program provides the fundamental software support deliverables required to maintain operation and maximize the availability of QCS800xA – including continuous software enhancements between system upgrades for customers on our latest version. By keeping quality control software up-to-date, this provides the solutions for the main challenges system owners might encounter, including:  


  • Software maintenance and upgrades
  • Cyber and IT security
  • Online access to relevant information
  • Control system software and performance checks 

    Customers who want to cost-effectively improve their system, or those who are ready to make larger upgrades, can now do so quicker and more easily because less engineering is involved. These newer system enhancements are all geared to improve plant effectiveness and long-term support. Plus, the subscription model helps mills simplify annual budgeting while also gaining a clearer understanding of the CAPEX and OPEX costs when making a QCS investment.

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    Choose between two program subscription options available for optimized performance:

    1. QCS ASM Maintain Plus - provides access to continuous updates for the different releases of QCS800xA within the current version.  Releases of QCS800xA contain both fixes and enhancements, so customers can also benefit from new or improved features, while keeping pace with important cyber security updates.

    2. QCS ASM Maintain & Evolve - includes all the benefits of the Maintain Plus level, with the added ability to go between major QCS versions, e.g., moving from heritage and classic to current versions. Obsolete functionality and features are in some cases replaced by others. It will provide new licenses, functionally equivalent to the ones of the heritage system to be evolved. In some cases, a function has been discontinued and will not be replaced, at the discretion of ABB.


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