Strength Virtual Measurement for paper, packaging and tissue

An ABB Ability™ Performance Service that provides self-correlating calculations for an accurate, online strength measurement, enabling mills to produce more on-spec paper at less cost


Lab measurements are valuable in understanding the strength of paper, but these are performed periodically only after a reel is produced. The lack of frequent measurements could be affecting your process optimization opportunities and your profitability due to: 

  • High amount of rejects
  • High cost of increased strength characteristics 
  • Not enough machine throughput

ABB Strength Virtual Measurement enables operators to keep strength properties within their target limits—creating on-spec paper at less cost.

By using machine learning-generated models to predict one or more strength properties for accurate, online measurements (also known as soft sensors), you can reduce raw material usage and increase machine speed.

Ready to stop losing profits due to strength over-compensation?


ABB's approach to soft sensors

Our new approach to soft sensors combines unrivaled proficiency in advanced analytics, a patent-pending online calculation engine with auto correlation and ongoing performance analysis for unparalleled accuracy and integration opportunities.

Delivery through  ABB Ability™ Collaborative Operations for pulp & paper enables ABB experts to provide machine-specific analysis with periodic performance checks and model updates. Data is viewed through a web-based user interface that is easily accessible by customer or ABB personnel.


How it works

Strength Virtual Measurement creates online measurements through a three-step process.

First, an initial static strength model is created using historical  machine data to establish an initial expectation of the accuracy of the calculated strength. Once the accuracy of an initial model is confirmed, an online calculated strength measurement is implemented by leveraging the ABB Ability™ platform.  

The third step is on-going performance monitoring to maintain and optimize the strength calculation.


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