Rail Transportation

ABB delivers innovative, sustainable, and safe mobility solutions

The rail industry is poised for transformation and growth.

After the challenges of the early 2020s, the global rail market is expected to continue its steady grow over the next decade. This growth is being fueled by many factors, including increased congestion on roadways, shift from air to rail transport and rapid global urbanization.

Perhaps most important, rail is the most sustainable and energy-efficient form of land transportation. As countries strive to meet their low-carbon goals in the coming decades, rail transport will emerge as an important environment-friendly way to move people and goods.

ABB Landscapes

Already the “railways of the future” are taking shape, with solar power and electrification offering the promise of zero-emission trains, and digital technology offering more robust control and efficiency. ABB offers electrification solutions to support the growth of rail, both now and in the future.

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