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Needs analysis

Assess strengths and knowledge gaps for your team

Although a successful team is made of clearly defined individual roles and functions, team member responsibilities are still going to be dependent upon one other. As a team leader, you need to be certain that you can fully utilize each team member's competency when needed. Every wrong move can be costly to production, safety and the bottom line.

An ABB University Training Needs Analysis will reveal strengths and pinpoint gaps in your team's knowledge and equip you with a plan to make sure each member has received satisfactory instruction for their role. Whether training gaps are job, task or skills-related, we can provide a path to world class competency.

Request a needs analysis to make sure your team performs with the following areas:

  • Distributed Control Systems
  • Quality Control Systems for paper applications
  • MultiDrives
  • Process analyzers
  • Instrumentation and control theory

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