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PAC Automation Solutions


Self paced hands on lab

15 hours

1 day self paced

PAC Automation Specialist


4.5 days$0.00REGISTER
Extreme Duty & Harsh EnvironmenteLearning1 hour$0.00REGISTER
ABB Ability - Mobile ConnecteLearning45 Min.$0.00REGISTER
Understanding the ACS580 3R Irrigation DriveeLearning1 hour$0.00REGISTER
HMI FaceplateeLearning1 day$0.00REGISTER
HMI Specialist



5 hours

3 days

Automation Solutions Initial Training Session (Employees Only)Webinar2 hours$0.00REGISTER
AOI 2.0 Control Emulation (Employees Only)eLearningX hour$0.00REGISTER
Drives Installed Base On-Demand1 hour$0.00REGISTER

Industrial Distributor Onboarding Training

Getting off to a good start

eLearning5 hour$0.00REGISTER

Industrial Employee Onboarding Training

Getting off to a good start

eLearning +

Instructor Led Training

11 hours

1 day


New ACS580 Models & Tools

Learn to use two new resources that will enhance your sales of ACS580 drives: (a) New ACS580-0P models, including Two-Contactor Bypass. Until recently ABB only offered the ACS550-PD and ACS550-CC, but now the ACS580-0P is available. (b) GE-to-ABB conversion tool. Increase customer adoption rate as former GE drive users need replacements.

eLearning1 hour$0.00REGISTER

Internal Drives Seminar

Who: non-technical employees and support staff and Channel Partners, What: Learn who ABB is, What a drive is, Where it is used and who uses it, Where: Virtually via Webex Training, When: Check view schedule in training program, Why: become acquainted with what a drive is, how it works and what products we sell. 

Face to Face



4 hours$0.00REGISTER

Virtual Presenter / Train the Trainer Training

Click here for Full Description 

Face to Face


+ eLearning

1 day$0.00REGISTER

Lunch and Learn

Active Harmonic Filter, Multi-Pulse Rectifiers, DC-AC Inverter Units, DC-AC Inverter Circuits, DC-AC Inverter Cir. pt. 2, DC-AC Inverter Cir. pt. 3, Starting AC Ind. Motors, Variable Speed 3-Phase AC Motor Technologies, Machine Control, Harmonic Estimation Tool, AC Motor Bearing Currents, Transformers with Drives, Multi-Pulse Transformers

eLearning13 hours$0.00Web Page

Solutions Podcasts

On-LineVaries per topic$0.00Web Page

Live Remote Instructor Led Training

The technology leveraged in our new offering makes live remote training real.
In an ever-changing world, all aspects of life require adoption, evolution and change -- including how we train. Therefore, the training team has evolved from where we were a few months ago to an exciting new future. 
As a key differentiator from our competition, today we release live remote training, far superior to virtual training.  As you well know, virtual training is typically a presentation of static information and knowledge transfer.  Lacking a key component of "doing".

Live remote training captures the three core components of learning: seeing, hearing and doing.  We have created an environment that mirrors an in-classroom environment from the comfort and safety of your home or office.  Attendees will benefit from seeing the trainers, hearing the presentation and putting into practice the major component of "doing." At the same time, instructors are able to see and guide the student's activities.
Live Remote Training (LRT)Varies per training session$0.00Web Page
ACS580-OP+C1923R Irrigation DriveeLearning.25 hour$0.00REGISTER
LinkedIn Best - PracticeseLearning1 hour$0.00REGISTER


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