Live Remote Training

The technology leveraged in our new offering makes live remote training real.


In an ever-changing world, all aspects of life require adoption, evolution and change -- including how we train. Therefore, the training team has evolved from where we were a few months ago to an exciting new future. 

As a key differentiator from our competition, today we release live remote training, far superior to virtual training.  As you well know, virtual training is typically a presentation of static information and knowledge transfer.  Lacking a key component of "doing".

Live remote training captures the three core components of learning: seeing, hearing and doing.  We have created an environment that mirrors an in-classroom environment from the comfort and safety of your home or office.  Attendees will benefit from seeing the trainers, hearing the presentation and putting into practice the major component of "doing." At the same time, instructors are able to see and guide the student's activities.

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