Connectivity Sales Training


This ABB EtherNet/IPÔ Connectivity Sales Training series provides a comprehensive understanding of how to use connectivity to increase ROI. It walks through the pitfalls of Rockwell Automation’s Premier Integration and demonstrated how the ABB has a more robust solution. You will learn about the Ethernet communications system, competitor’s solutions, the different ABB Add-On Instructions (AOI) that are available, and how to sell connectivity.

For further details Connectivity Sales Training Program Description

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The goal of this program is to provide students with the necessary training and tools to appreciate the value the Connectivity Program, provides how to use connectivity to increase ROI, and how easy it is to connect an ABB drive over EtherNet/IP.






Connectivity Sales Training Program

 1.25 hours$0.00REGISTER
Increase ROIeLearning5 Min.$0.00 
Intro to CompetitorseLearning15 Min.$0.00 
Pitfalls of Automatic Device ConfigurationeLearning10 Min.$0.00 
Selecting the Proper AOIeLearning12 Min.$0.00 
Selling ABB ConnectivityeLearning12 Min.$0.00 
CommunicationseLearning22 Min. $0.00 


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