ABB Ability™ LEAP for drives

Optimized maintenance planning based on the actual condition of your drives

ABB Ability™ LEAP (Life Expectancy Analysis Program) analyzes the condition and expected lifetime of your drives. It helps you recognize drive problems, reduce unplanned stops and minimize the risk of failure. 

Unlike a standard field service visit, ABB Ability™ LEAP utilizes digitally collected information from your drives for fact-based diagnostics. The data is shared with experienced ABB engineers to provide targeted recommendations and solve potential issues.

ABB Ability™ LEAP for drives service delivery

  • Data collection and monitoring – ABB installs the monitoring system. The system then collects all the necessary data and sends it to ABB Ability™ cloud during a chosen time period

  • Data analysis – An ABB Engineer conducts an expert analysis of your data. This is based on advanced predictive algorithms utilizing machine learning, anomaly detection and other methods

  • ABB expert report – You receive an expert report with diagnosis based on the actual conditions of your drives. The report includes short- and long-term operational and maintenance recommendations
  • Plan your maintenance activities – Precise and up-to-date information on your drives’ status helps you make the right decisions on the maintenance and management of your assets. Prioritize and optimize your maintenance plan, and secure high reliability for your drives
  • Optional service activities – Continue to monitor your drive performance with the ABB Ability™ Condition Monitoring for drives service

Service highlights


Ensure the reliability of your critical drives

The comprehensive analysis of your specific equipment, environment and usage helps you to ensure the reliability of your critical drives and optimize  maintenance planning.


Recognize the cause of failures

When you face unexplained behavior, our experts analyze signal  data to identify the cause of the issues. 


Set your priorities right

ABB Ability™ LEAP helps you recognize the drives that are most in need of  maintenance, enabling you to effectively target and prioritize your budgets and resources.


Unlock the digital potential

ABB Ability™ LEAP is an excellent way to try condition monitoring with  no long-term commitment. We will install the equipment for the duration of the contract, with the option to continue the monitoring service with ABB Ability™ Condition Monitoring for drives.

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