Smarter Building Center

Singapore is innovating as a city and nation as it continues to seek growth and raise living standards amid a constrained land mass and ageing population. With the global digital revolution, there is a tremendous opportunity to use technology to improve lives, create economic opportunities and build societal connectedness.

The ABB Smart Building Center showcases the very best in comfort, security, energy efficiency, electrical distribution and protection for tomorrow’s smarter working, hospitality and living spaces. With ABB's smarter building solutions, customers can take advantage of ABB's expertise and know-how of building automation in both the electrical and mechanical building systems. From the individual components through systems and a choice of communications protocol platforms, ABB can support a broad range of requirements. 

Through intelligent and automatic lighting, shading, air-conditioning, heating, secured door access communication and movement detection, we make greater energy efficiency and increased security easier than ever. With digital solutions, everything can even be controlled remotely, giving complete control anywhere and anytime.

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