UPS applications in data centers - server protection

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In a data center, the principal mission of the UPS is to protect the servers. The UPS function can be located centrally or located beside each row of servers (“end of rack row”).

A centralized power protection concept is appropriate, in most cases, for large data centers and a distributed power protection concept may be applicable in small data centers or large data centers with decentralized power protection demands.

The building block concept permits a range of different power protection solutions for data centers.

Distributed power protection solutions for data centers – end of rack row UPS

The power demand of one row of server racks can vary from 20 kW up to hundreds of kW. Only a modular UPS is capable of adapting to changes in power demand in a growing infrastructure.

Centralized power protection solutions for data centers – servers with dual power supply

Tier IV power infrastructure

A sample reference scenario, 1200 kW Tier 4, illustrates one example of how ABB’s Conceptpower DPA 500 can be used to create a highperformance infrastructure. Each system has N + 1 redundancy. The system flexibility allows upgrading or downgrading power capacity as required.

Scalable up to 3 MW

The system flexibility allows upgrading or downgrading power capacity. Additional modules and units can be added to make it up to 3 MW.
Up to 10 independent UPS units (PowerWave 33) can operate in a parallel configuration, achieving a total power capacity of up to 5 MW. In all parallel configurations, each UPS unit operates independently but is synchronized with the others. Using this scalable architecture of the PowerWave 33, a modular and fully redundant UPS system can also be easily implemented.
A medium-voltage UPS-I can be installed to protect the power supply to the entire data center, or just to protect server and mechanical loads. Installing the UPS protection at the medium-voltage level provides the most energyefficient configuration and allows installation outside the main data center building.

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