Power protection solutions for data centers

ABB’s UPS products help ensure your data center availability is as good as it can be.

In the low-voltage world, ABB provides a wide range of single- and three-phase UPSs that suit every need. With a modular, plug-in UPS design and pre-engineered frames that eliminate cabling, you are assured of the best reliability and a continuous flow of clean power. Local and remote real-time monitoring means you can keep an eye on things, from anywhere, at any time.
ABB’s modular design, based on DPA™ technology, lets you add or remove modules without powering down on, making servicing or capacity expansion easy. And with the UPS’s optimized efficiency, even with low-load conditions, you can rest easy in the knowledge that your power bills will be small and that you are operating in the most sustainable manner.  

For medium-voltage applications, ABB’s PCS120 MV UPS – based on ABB’s ZISC high-performance, high-efficiency architecture – increases reliability with larger protected load blocks and lower switchgear count. 

Intelligent data center solutions

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