Conceptpower DPA 60 and DPA 120 UL

Today’s data centers require continuous uptime, especially the smaller but rapidly growing edge data centers. That high reliability target is why ABB’s DPA 60 and DPA 120 are based on Decentralized Parallel Architecture (DPA). Only a truly redundant architecture like DPA with no single point of failure allows modules to be swapped out while the system is running in double conversion.

Total vertical and horizontal scalability

The DPA 60 delivers power protection from 20 to 60kW at 208V (one to three 20kW modules) with internal batteries in a single cabinet and the DPA 120 delivers power protection from 20 to 120kW at 208V (one to six 20kW modules) with two cabinets – one cabinet for the power modules and the other cabinet for the external batteries. Horizontal scalability is also available, with up to five cabinets in parallel, to increase total power up to 300kW with the DPA 60 and up to 600kW with the DPA 120. This scalability means that there is no need to over-specify the original configuration as power modules can simply be added in the future, as needed.

Designed for maximum flexibility and redundancy at its core

In a data center, power distribution systems have historically been oversized to meet the redundancy requirements. The DPA 60 and DPA 120 UPS systems are designed for datacenters and other high availability applications that require redundant configurations (for example N+1, N+2), etc.). Adding redundancy for increased availability comes easy with the advanced scalability within the DPA UPS family. These systems complement and complete the datacenter power distribution system for ABB, providing customers with a centralized power protection solution.

True parallel architecture

This advanced UPS design provides the highest degree of protection in critical applications where the load must be fed with quality power. These DPA systems utilize decentralized parallel architecture and ensures the highest level of reliability and availability with true redundancy across modules.

Standalone configuration

20 to 60kW at 208V with internal batteries

Parallel configuration

Up to 5 cabinets in parallel, up to 300kW

Standalone configuration

20 to 120kW at 208V with external batteries

Parallel configuration

Up to 5 cabinets in parallel, up to 600kW

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