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Commercial Buildings Digital Portfolio



The Commercial Buildings Digital Portfolio supports end-to-end customers’ sustainability journeys through digital smart solutions that deliver cost, energy, time savings and increased comfort.

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Open. Affordable. Simple.

  • digital solutions with zero or low capital investments

  • secure and easy access for facility, property and energy managers

  • latest features always available, with highly transparent costs

  • improved ease of planning, install, configuration & integration

  • seamless, remote, 24/7 access

  • secure data storage

The simplest way to a smart building

The smart solutions enabling you to optimize energy efficiency and meet sustainability goals are grouped under three pillars:



Building Intelligence tool for sustainability, tracks real-time data and enables centralization of all information; it analyzes data and identifies potential improvement opportunities for energy savings, emissions reduction, and maintenance costs savings.




Our easy to install control solution leverages preconfigured templates and makes the indoor environments comfortable and efficient by automating and controlling the HVAC equipment in the building. It can decarbonize buildings by connecting all data and enabling commands and schedules.



Optimization of the HVAC equipment using AI technologies, autonomously controlling the building so humans don’t have to.


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