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ABB Ability™ Building Analyzer

The first step in your building decarbonization journey

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The simplest way to analyze your building and utilities data

ABB Ability™ Building Analyzer tracks both buildings data (occupancy, equipment runtime hours, temperatures, and costs) and utilities (energy, gas, water, steam) in real-time and provides actionable insights to help you save money while improving energy efficiency, sustainability, and occupant awareness.

This digital solution empowers you to take the first step in your building decarbonization journey. 

As a cloud-based SaaS solution, ABB Ability™ Building Analyzer can extract data from an unlimited number of data points of almost any source and type and display it in one intuitive and easy to use interface. Insights are turned into opportunities for improvement, quantified and prioritized in terms of energy consumption, carbon emissions and ROI.

The solution is suitable for commercial buildings of any size and tenant-type and allows its users to connect to the service from any geographical location.

Currently available in the following countries: Belgium, Canada, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Mexico, Switzerland, and the UK.

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Building Analyzer offers the best-in-class benefits:

  • Reduce energy consumption and emissions by up to 20% once the identified opportunities are implemented.

  • Maximize the return on existing investment in Building Management Systems.

  • Reduce maintenance costs by comparing actual vs estimated usage (predictive analytics).

  • Reduce time spent on data reporting by up to 50% and on data analysis.

  • Achieve compliance with ISO 50001, legislation, industry standards, and corporate sustainability goals through automated monitoring, target setting, alarming, and custom reports.

  • Continuous improvement process by monitoring planned versus actual usage and tracking progress.

  • See all building data and manage the entire global building portfolio in one easy to use portal accessible from anywhere. 

  • Improve occupant awareness and drive behavior change with our Sustainability Kiosk.

Building Analyzer is feature-packed:

Easy Configuration and Commissioning

Our Building Editor application makes configuring Building Analyzer much easier saving time and money:

  • guided configuration
  • connection to different data sources
  • on-premise or secure remote configuration and maintenance – reduce onsite visits and truck rolls and save time; cloud application that is accessible from anywhere
  • central commissioning tool
  • license management portal – get a fast overview about your licenses and perform up-/downgrades online

Evaluate your building

Would you like to assess your building and gain consumption insights?

Are you interested to find out how ABB Ability™ Building Analyzer can help you improve?  Here is a free and simple questionnaire to evaluate your building:


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