Building Edge

For System Integrators who need interoperable systems, ABB Building Edge grants full integration and view of data coming through different protocols from across siloed HVAC. lighting and meter solutions, and offers secure cloud connectivity in one multi protocol, brand agnostic hardware gateway.

Building Edge is Open by Design, enabling digital solutions on top for monitoring, control and secure connection to the cloud, and simplified integrations; powered by openBOS® (Building Operating System) Building Edge delivers a single building ontology of qualified information on zone and assets.

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Product description

Building Edge is a hardware gateway that integrates multiple types of building data in one single device and enables secure connection for digital services to the cloud.  It is protocol-agnostic and enables control across different systems and protocols.

There are two models of Building Edge available:

Building Edge Control D.200.16



Building Edge Control S.220.64
coming soon!

DIN Rail mounted

Up to 2,500 points managed

Plastic enclosure

9-14 VDC power supply

Surface mounted

Up to 10,000 points managed

Aluminium enclosure

24 VDC power supply

2 IP ports

16 GB hard disk

2 IP Ports, 4 USB ports, 1 RS485, 1 RS232

64 GB hard disk


Building Edge is powered by openBOS® (embedded ABB Building Operating System) and through the web-based Edge Editor, solutions can be configured and operated. Building Edge is a plug-and-play device, with simple setup and easy configuration. ABB offers a secure Buildings Portal in the cloud to remotely manage and maintain the portfolio of edges of the multi sites.

Building Edge is instrumental for digital solutions like ABB AbilityTM Building Analyzer and ABB AbilityTM Control Hub.


  • Streamlines integration of building device data from BACnet (mechanical - HVAC), KNX (electrical - lighting, shading), Modbus (metering), and MQTT (IoT) via Edge Editor, a free web configuration tool included in Building Edge
  • Enables protocol-agnostic control of the building through automations functions such as commands, schedules, alarms and trends
  • Securely connects data to ABB AbilityTM cloud applications
  • It is Open by Design
  • Provides ease of integration: configuration is based on templates, which decreases time to setup and allows for reuse across projects



  • Hybrid access: cloud or on Premise access via Edge Editor 
  • Cyber secure: the cloud connection adheres to all current cyber security requirements including encrypted disk and private keys to access applications  
  • Cloud based backup/restore of the Building Edge database
  • Templated solution for easy installation and reuse
  • Open by Design: it allows for connectivity with 3rd party devices (via ABB supported protocols) and 3rd party apps (on request only)
  • Local or Remote Configuration: easily configured locally on the Building Edge or remotely via the cloud following the same workflow and interface
  • Multi-site management: remotely manage, configure, and operate a portfolio of Building Edges via the ABB Ability™ Buildings portal - securely, through individual user account. 


  • A Building Operating System software that integrates and controls all building data. It links connected equipment of a building and the applications used by the building and energy managers. openBOS® delivers:
    • Control of buildings in a protocol-agnostic way via a common data model/ontology
    • Integration via standard protocols (BACnet, Modbus, KNX, MQTT, etc).
    • Flexible configuration of any device
    • A single ontology containing contextualized information of the site, defining the relationships between the systems, the topology of all components and sub-components, and details on users, schedules, equipment, alarms, trends, meters and much more.
  • Embedded into Building Edge hardware.
  • Open by design – enables partners to build apps on top via API
  • Secure cloud connectivity to ABB AbilityTM

Edge Editor

  • Manages and operates all the Building Edge devices of the portfolio through the secure ABB Ability™ Buildings portal using an individual user account.
  • Allows for the Building Edge hardware configuration, Network Discovery, and Point Mapping (via floorplan or manually).
  • Consolidates data from one or several network devices into a single site ontology contextualizing information by buildings, floors, roofs, façade, offices, etc.
  • Sets alarms thresholds, trends and schedules.
  • Works with templates: device, asset and spaces templates but also schedule, trend, alarm and view templates
  • Embedded in Building Edge and included for free with purchase of the device.

Additional information

  • For small to mid complexity buildings
  • Number of points: 200 – 10,000
  • Process: templates & manual
  • Edge devices : 1 or several
  • Operating system : openBOS®
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