ABB Ability™ Control Hub

Driving decarbonization of low complexity buildings

Control Hub is an end-to-end solution of software and hardware that drives decarbonization of low to mid complexity commercial buildings. It provides control of buildings through the integration of HVAC, lighting and shading networks, and management of the alarms and schedules. It also allows for interactive visualization of trending values and floor plans. Control Hub requires Building Edge.

Today, a bulk figure of 75% of the building stock in the EU * is energy-inefficient, operating without a Building Management System (BMS) that controls energy consumption and contributes to the lowering of associated emissions, mainly due to the high costs involved and the complexity of installation and integration of various systems. However, new legislation like the BACS decree, the Energy Performance Buildings Directive (EU) 2018/844 which came into effect in July 2020 in Europe, deems building automation and control systems mandatory in all commercial buildings. In these markets, Control Hub is an appropriately priced and sized solution for the decarbonization of low to mid complexity buildings, new or retrofit, offering conventional Building Management functionality, streamlined schedule management and ultimately, remote monitoring and control of buildings.

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Benefits throughout the value chain

Operate and Maintain

  • Simplified Building Management Solution

Offers appropriate level of functionality and value for the decarbonization of low complexity commercial buildings.

  • Compliance with new legislation while tapping into new markets

Access market opportunities for the decarbonization of low complexity buildings, while responding to BACS decree.

  • Comprehensive management of building schedules

Streamlined schedule management via hierarchical approach at the building, floor and room levels.

  • Remote monitoring and control of buildings
Remote configuration via the Building Edge and remote building operation thanks to Control Hub Connect add-on.

Install and Configure

  • Bundled end-to-end solution

Pre-bundled solutions ease and enable re-use of integration packages to reduce know-how, speed-up and secure integration process, and the associated configuration of alarms, trends and floor plan animations.

  • Easy Installation of KNX devices with KNX Space Commissioning

Additional functionality is available to simplify KNX device commissioning via our ETS add-on called KNX Space Commissioning (KSC). It delivers graphical commissioning for KNX devices via drag & drop onto floorplans and saves up to 30-40% installation time.

  • Easy integration of the building systems with Building Edge

Easy integration of Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning, lighting and shading systems through Building Edge’s field connectivity to KNX/IP, BACnet/IP, Modbus/IP, and MQTT.

Control Hub is feature-packed:

Schedules - configure and manage

Manage and configure schedules to help building's decarbonization.
Configuration of schedules is done individually or through templates. Schedules can be managed by day, week with handling of exceptions, and streamlined via hierarchical approach at the building, floor and room levels. 

Floor plan visualization

Illustrates the relationship between multiple rooms, spaces, and physical assets located within the space.
Assets and spaces are displayed on floor plans using multiple sets of customizable animations, which can be freely arranged across perspectives. This enables a straightforward method of layering information to accommodate various requirements.

Trends - configure and manage 

Configuration of trends is done individually or through templates. Trended values can be visualized through an easy to understand charting functionality, compared, and exported in a CSV file, to help identify and troubleshoot different problems occurring in buildings.

Solution packages

End-to-end solution packages to ease and streamline integration. Embedded engineering allows distributors or system integrators to predefine off-the-shelf solution to be distributed to smart installers. It allows system integrators to reuse engineering across projects.

Alarms - configure and manage

Configure and manage alarms to help understand when an event / value is drifting out of set limits. Configuration of alarms is done individually or through templates; management of the alarms with configurable acknowledgement. 

Simplified, graphical commissioning of KNX devices

Graphical integration over floor plans of assets and spaces. Configure and commission KNX field devices and create pre-engineered templates via drag and drop onto floorplans.

Dashboards for end-users

End-users can now easily create their own dashboards (up to 10 per project), populated with 10 types of widgets, including gauges, trend sparklines, trend charts, schedules, tables, condition statuses with smileys, and the ability to embed 3rd-party websites. Configuration is simplified thanks to a comprehensive abstraction of the underlying technologies, making it accessible for anyone to manage!

Role-based features

Role specific workflows embedded into the software for different roles: pre-engineer/SI, Installer, Facility Manager. Improve overall productivity with features available based on the role. 

Cloud & on-premise access

Configuration is available from cloud and on-premise via Edge Editor. Access to the Control Hub app is available on-premise out of the box, and cloud access for remote management is available through the Control Hub Connect add-on.

Navigation by locations and assets

Easy navigation via location (space) or asset.

Control Hub and Control Hub Connect

Control Hub delivers a basic set of features. Additional functionality can be purchased through the Control Hub Connect add-on.

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