Building a sustainable future together

As the world’s demand for electricity grows, we collaborate with customers and partners to transform how people connect, live and work. We develop innovative products, solutions and digital technologies that enable energy efficiency and a low carbon society across all sectors. By applying global scale with local expertise, we shape and support global trends, deliver excellence for customers and partners and power a sustainable future for society. 

“Sustainability, digitalization & connectivity, urbanization, and a shift towards electricity as part of a global energy transformation are all shaping the electrification landscape” 

The shift from fossil fuels to low carbon and renewable energy sources, is permanently altering the role we play. The partnership between manufacturer and channel partner is vital to ensure that customers receive the right information, guidance, and technological solutions they need to shape and secure a sustainable energy future for all. The global economy in developing and emerging markets will demand more and more energy in the coming years as the world goes electric. Electricity will reach up to 50 percent of final energy consumption for buildings, transport and industry by 2050, growing from 17 percent in 2010.

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