Digital Enabled Sales

In response to the increase of the relevant role of eCommerce in the buying behaviors of our customers and their online journeys, we defined a specific eCommerce strategy to serve customers online, through the support of our Distributors, considering different channel formats. Distributors are heavily investing in their digital customer interaction and ABB has taken major steps to support their online transformation.

Through our DES Digital Enabled Sales strategy we created the Distributors Online Acceleration Program containing a range of tools, solutions and approaches that allows ABB to grow its online sales supported by its distributors.


The foundation of our approach is a multiple step Distributor Online Acceleration Program which starts with prioritizing and selecting distributors and goes on to offer an extensive toolbox of supporting materials to enhance distributors’ online presence and maximize sales.

The purpose of the Program is to support our partners to maximize ABB share of wallet and support their omnichannel approach.

What do we offer

ABB eFinder

ABB eFinder is designed as an easy-to-use ‘where to buy’ online search feature, which allows you to search for the products you need and locate all the distributors carrying that stock.


Creating a winning omni-channel go-to-market strategy

Luca Zanella explores how the ABB Distributors Online Acceleration Program can help.

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