Setting ABB’s key Mexican distribution partners up for omnichannel success

Setting ABB’s key Mexican distribution partners up for omnichannel success

12 of ABB’s most forward-thinking Mexican distributors partners came together in Mexico City in April to find out how ABB’s can help them maximize online sales and drive omnichannel growth.

Led by Luca Zanella, ABB’s eCommerce Distribution Channel Manager, the comprehensive workshop touched on everything from how distribution is evolving, to his top tips to boost growth through different channels, as well as the different factors that must come together to create the best possible customer experience.

"Our experience has shown that adopting an omnichannel approach can increase revenue, and distributors who have adopted ABB's omnichannel tools report consistent double-digit growth since adopting these strategies," he told attendees.

Enhancing online presence and maximizing sales

The focus of the session was ABB’s Distributor Online Acceleration Program (DOAP), a multi-level system that offers distributors a comprehensive set of tools to enhance their online presence and maximize sales.

While there are certain indispensable elements of the system that all distributors will need to implement to achieve omnichannel success, the DOAP can be tailored to the size and budget of the distributor, with ABB's local team advising on the most suitable initiatives for their business.

This might include anything from developing online stores to creating stores within stores or brand pages. The aim is to help distributors establish an online presence tailored to their geographic region, customer demographics and the specific platforms they use.

A seamless buying process for customers

The Mexico workshop was a case in point, as each distributor that attended was at a different stage of their digitalisation journey. While some were still preparing to launch their online stores, others had several years of eCommerce experience behind them.

The one thing every distributor had in common ‒ and the one recommended eligibility criteria to start the program ‒ was that they already belonged to , an online search engine, which is designed to easily help customers find out where to buy ABB Electrification products from authorized distributors in their region.

Through working closely with distributors via the programABB is now able to not only show their stock availability on ABB’s own channels via eFinder, but also send those indirect customers directly to distributors’ web shops, speeding the buying process and making it as seamless as possible for customers.

Optimizing digitalization for Mexican distributors

At the end of the session, attendees were keen to give their feedback, with many emphasizing how helpful ABB’s personalized approach has been to accelerating their digital transformations, without forgetting the importance of their physical branches.

Rosa Maria Gordillo, marketing manager of LBS, hopes they can expect more of the same. "I think it would be very nourishing if these types of meetings could be held more frequently so that we could follow up on projects. More frequent interaction between us might also lead us to new ideas or collaborations," she said.

The ALPE team agreed and stressed that these types of meetings are a great reference point for assessing where the company stands and what still needs to be done.

Across Latin America, more than 12 distributors have already benefited from similar workshops and many are now working closely with the ABB team to implement the DOAP initiatives that best fit their businesses. “We’re excited to open the doors to closer collaboration with our key Mexican distributors,” Zanella concludes. “Distribution is a team sport and it’s only by working together to develop a tailored approach that we can set our partners up for omnichannel success.


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