A streamlined way to find and purchase ABB Electrification products

A streamlined way to find and purchase ABB Electrification products

Helping customers across the world to find exactly what they need, when they need it, streamlining the purchasing process and making it easier to do business with ABB and its distributor partners.

Buying electrification equipment is not like buying other products. Traditionally if you needed a new or replacement part you would have to use web searches and catalogues to find out what you need, and then either contact or visit your local distributor in the hope that they have it in stock. All of this takes time, and if no stock is available locally, this can be enormously frustrating. Furthermore, if you are unable to source critical components at a crucial time, this can put your company’s profitability at risk if processes are unable to function safely and efficiently without it.

ABB eFinder is the quickest and easiest way of searching, selecting and purchasing ABB (Electrification) products through approved distribution partners. Everything you could need, and every product in the ABB portfolio, is only a few clicks away.

Streamlining the customer buying journey, ABB eFinder makes it quicker and easier than ever to find what you want, when you want it, and where to get it. Removing the stress of sourcing components and parts, highlighting distributors in your area, as well as near real-time stock levels in each case.

There are three ways to buy online ABB products through the distributor partners. One is to go directly into eFinder and use it to search by product or product code. The second option is to find the product on ABB’s conventional website (www.abb.com) and use the “Where to buy” tab on ABB product pages which takes you to a list of approved distributors for these items. Alternatively, you can simply use a web search for your desired product, then visiting that product’s page, you can view the product details, and click the ‘where to buy’ tab to directly click through to your distributor of choice’s web shop to view more details and complete your purchase.

For distributors, eFinder represents a new channel through which to gain custom, almost effortlessly. Any distributor with an inventory can participate, with plans to grow eFinder considerably in the coming months. Customers can use Finder to contact a distributor directly, to reserve a large quantity of products. eFinder even has provision for vendors that do not have a web presence, displaying physical shops, and stock availability at each branch.

The eFinder aims to remove the traditional barriers that can make purchasing a challenge, and make it easy to do business with ABB.

Get started on your journey with ABB eFinder: https://new.abb.com/about/our-businesses/electrification/abb-efinder


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