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Electrification solutions for the future of emissions-free transportation

Now is the time to future-proof your electrical infrastructure.

The e-mobility market is growing at a record pace, with a mass adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) happening much faster than anyone expected. Lower battery pricing and tighter emission regulations continue to drive the trend. 

Experts predict that just in a couple of decades there will be more than 540 million electric vehicles crowding our roads — and their energy needs will be much more intense than today’s first generation of electric vehicles. As EV use increases as does the demand for quicker and higher power charging; in many cases this requires more capabilities and an upgrade in existing electrical infrastructure. 
Today's fleet operators, transportation authorities, and roadside service providers that offer EV charging are facing these challenges as well as technological uncertainty and the need for a large up-front investment. Yet, this major market shift also presents big opportunities.
Make your investment count  
To earn a full return-on-investment on the electrification of transport, the electrical infrastructure you install must be scalable and future-proof. Smart connected technologies, such as energy management or battery energy storage (BESS), provide a means of using current electrical infrastructure while avoiding or delaying costly grid expansions in markets where e-mobility is still in its early stages.  

Experience the ABB difference 
ABB offers advanced e-mobility electrification solutions to holistically address the challenges this evolution brings across applications — providing the right solution and the right technology for any grid connection.

Arriving at the best solution requires collaborative planning and a laser focus on safety, reliability and connectivity. Discover how modular and scalable electrical infrastructure building blocks can help provide a competitive advantage now and a better position to expand for future demand.

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Electrification solutions today for the transport of tomorrow

Invest in the right technology today to achieve an optimized electrical infrastructure that is scalable for the future.

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