eStorage OS

Secure Energy Management System for Battery Energy Storage Systems

The global energy’s landscape is going through shifts driven by three global megatrends: Decarbonization, Decentralization and Digitalization.

The ABB eStorage OS energy management system feeds battery energy storage systems (BESS) with intelligence and is a critical enabler to support these trends while maintaining a reliable network.

ABB removes the complexity of managing the BESS by providing best in class:

1.  Monitoring and protection
2.  Proprietary energy management algorithms to support all energy storage applications
3.  Diagnostic systems
4.  Data and analytics


With different levels of functionality, the predesigned, preassembled and pretested solution meets application demands and end user expectations:

  • Integrated monitoring and protection for a external control via fieldbus connectivity.
  • On-premise energy management system and smart algorithms for optimal performance
  • On-premise energy management system with advanced cloud connectivity and microgrid possibilities.
  • Microgrid controller based on real-time power management, grid services, unit control for other DERs and on-premise SCADA

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Megatrends: The 3D’s for the Grid


  • Distributed architecture for better reliability with accurate control actions and state-of-the-art features
  • Increased flexibility and scalability and improved system integration and customization, fulfilling a variety of requirements
  • Safeguards and provides value for investments
  • Ensures reliability of power
  • Customizeble to suit specific customer project requirements
  • Cybersecure system as per more demanding standards

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