Give your buildings a new dimension

Smart buildings are leveraging digital building solutions and ‘Internet of Things’ devices to enable real-time data, operational analytics and integrated applications for a more sustainable, efficient and intelligent management of buildings.

ABB’s “Give your buildings a new dimension” - #GYBND - is a fully scalable portfolio of energy and asset management digital solutions for commercial and industrial buildings which help our customers to achieve energy and operating cost savings.

This scalability is a fundamental benefit for smart building managers, who can take advantage of customized solutions, responding to their specific business needs.

Scalable solutions for energy and asset management in buildings

What is it?

ABB’s GYBND program offers scalable solutions for a range of small to medium sized businesses, enabling electrical installers, building owners, facility and energy managers to collect and visualize their data – both on-site and remotely. Thanks to ABB digital solutions and connected products, you can set the right priorities and make informed decisions for maintenance saving, optimum energy consumption and allocation. The benefits of connectivity and data availability can result in operating savings up to 30%.

How does it work?

“Give your buildings a new dimension” uses two proven energy monitoring solutions – the CMS-700 circuit-monitoring system and the ABB EQmatic energy analyzer – and integrates their functionality with the company’s ABB Ability™ Energy and Asset Manager via the ABB Ability cloud. To set up the network and cloud connectivity in a new installation – or to upgrade existing facilities – just “plug & play” modules or devices are needed. It collects information and measurements to make asset monitoring, control and optimization simple. Data is gathered from the devices installed in the power distribution system, ranging from the medium-voltage substation to the smallest loads.

The architecture

Scalable architecture offers both embedded and external plug & play connectivity. The access points to the cloud platform are the Ekip Com Hub and Ekip E-Hub. For completing the portfolio, ABB EQmatic and CMS-700 also work as stand-alone solutions and can be accessed via webserver.

Value Propositions


Speed up your project

  • Increase the facility’s value by 5%
  • Reduce investment in supervisions systems by 15%
  • Achieve higher class of energy efficiency standards
  • Faster payback

ABB__Easy to Install

Easy to install

  • Connect to the cloud in only 10 minutes
  • Reduce cabling by 60% and components for communications by 25%
  • Upgrade in 1 day the existing installation
  • Upgrade with zero component replacement and existing installation

ABB__Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency

  • Save up to 20% on maintenance costs
  • Save up to 20% on energy bill
  • Get proactive alerts from everywhere and guarantee operations in 1 minute
  • Remove energy inefficiency by up to 10%


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