Black marine certified panels

Black and marine certified panels - the ultimate seaworthy HMI for user-friendly operation in all maritime applications

"Black" panels comprise of robust, touch screen panels with classic marine features such as dimmable backlight and high brightness display (1000 cd/m2), marine certifications, making them ideal for off-shore, on ships and other marine applications.
"Black" marine certified panels are available in 7" (PP875M, PP875H) and 15,4" (PP886M) sizes, feature high resolution touch screen display. Their classic black enclosure offers low light reflection and seamless integration for all on-board applications.
  • Classic black enclosure that offer low light reflection and seamless integration
  • Dimmable backlight to suit varied ambient light conditions
  • High brightness for outdoor use in bright sunlight
  • Fully Marine certified to comply to all major marine standards
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