Panel 800 portfolio

Feature details of Panel 800 Version 6.2 to see which panel suits your application best.

As a member of ABB's Essential HSI Suite, Panel 800 offers a collection of operator panels ranging from standard panels to ruggedized panels, offering multiple interfacing options, speed and brilliant displays. 

Our panels have been grouped based on display sizes and performance levels so you can find the optimal HMI solution for your application. Standard, Black and Rugged panels are part of the Panel 800 version 6.2 range of HMI solutions.

  • Standard panels comprises of touchscreen panels PP875, PP881, PP883, PP886 and PP895
  • Black panels "Black" marine certified panels include PP875M, PP875H and PP886M 
  • Rugged panels "Rugged" marine certified panels include PP886R, PP887H and PP8887S
  • PC Runtime is a software enabling the HMI application to run equally well, or better, on a standard Windows PC as on a panel.
Performance Panel 800 Version 6  
  Panel 6.0* Panel 6.0 - 6.2** PC Runtime
Tags 1000  2000  4000 
Active controllers 10 Unlimited
Dataloggers 10  25  50 
Database items 50 700 2000
Alarm items 150  500  4000 
Alarm viewer rows 100  200  400 
Alarm database rows 500  1000  4000 
Screens 100  500  1000 
Objects on screen 150  400  500 
 * PP871, PP874, PP874M and PP877      
 ** All panels except Panel 6.0* and PC Runtime



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