Device Representation

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Any Communication Server, Gateway or Device in Field Information Manager is represented as a graphical object called Device Tile.

FIM ContextMenu

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Parent Information

The most left side of the Device Tile shows the parent information, like the COM port that is used by the HART modem or the channel number if connected to an I/O board.


Connection Status

Right beside the channel information the device status is shown indicating how the connection to the device behaves.


The following table provides a list of all existing Connection Status icons:


The color of the Device Tile frame indicates further status information about the device. The tooltip provides the reason for the displayed status.

Device Tile Frame Color Status Indication

Device Tile Frame Color Status Table

Context Menu

The device views and device functions are available on a Context Menu which will appear after a click on the Device Tile menu button.


Device Views

The Device Tile object contains a preview functionality that provides access to the current open views which are belonging to the Device Tile. As soon as a view is open, the Device Tile object contains an icon to the right showing that open views exist. The user can click on that icon and gets access to the preview area.


Multiple open views of a device are indicated by a doubled Device Tile frame.

Device Tile Double Frame

Basic Concept

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